Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Wash, Rinse Repeat



How long do you think John Boehner stood in front of a mirror, practicing his phony rage to get to such a level of orange? If only he put this opprobrium and vitriol to the test. If he feels for the country, prove it. Call for a vote.

It's only out of fear that Speaker refuses to put a clean CR to the test. He knows he can't win if Congress votes on it. And what is winning to him? Keeping the government closed.

He suffers from and extreme case of super-hero envy. You can't pull someone out of a burning building unless there's a fire first. He's got the matches and the fuel. All he needs is an occupied building and some press to cover it.

"This isn't some damn game." Really? He says he doesn't have the votes to win a clean CR. Really. Why don't you put that to a test. After all, you are the Speaker of the House, not the Speaker of the party. You owe it to the house to bring up reasonable bills, not just the ones you like.