Cruz Concedes Defeat To House -- They Blame Him


dumb idea

Listening to Rafael 'Ted' Cruz was a dumb idea? How novel for the Republicans to have fallen for a charlatan. It must be a first. Well, it had to happen sometime.

Finally the Canadian born US Senator has conceded defeat. His harebrained scheme to defund or even repeal Obamacare has fallen flat on it's author's fat ass.

As the HuffPo reports:

House Republicans are fuming at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for conceding that the party's efforts to repeal Obamacare aren't going anywhere in the Senate -- and leaving the House to keep fighting over it anyway.

But on Wednesday, as House Republican leaders unveiled their latest plan for sinking Obamacare -- tying a measure to defund the law to a must-pass resolution that keeps the government running -- Cruz thanked House Republicans for their fight, and said they're on their own.

He hung those gullible GOP'ers out to dry, and he did it by letting clueless John Boehner lead them to a probably defeat in 2014. I'm not sure Raffy should be entering any popularity contests very soon -- and his plans for running in 2016 for Obama's job seem less and less likely. It could still happen, but so could my winning the lottery.