Dems Won't Compromise -- We Already Did!



What short memories the Republicans have. The GOP says the government shutdown is because the Democrats, especially the president, refuse to negotiate. WE ALREADY DID! I thought an elephant never forgets.

The compromise was the sequester, and the continuing resolution is to continue funding at those levels. Your negotiated levels. The Paul Ryan budget levels.

These working figures are crazy, but the Democrats agreed to give into them in order to keep the government funded despite Speaker Boehner's refusal to send the higher/saner budget bills to conference. The sequester numbers cut money from nearly every branch of the government. They literally are taking food out of the mouths of babies. It's prohibiting medical care for thousands. It's denying adequate safety in the skies and greatly contributing to high unemployment on the land. Did you forget that already?

So Boehner, quit your crying. As Harry Reid pointed out time and time again, you have to learn to take yes for an answer.

There is one small chance to save face, a slight glimmer of light coming from the crack in the door. Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and George Miller (D-Calif.) are planning to circulate a discharge petition. It is very iffy at best. It requires 218 signatures. But if they can achieve that magic number of representatives signatures, the full House will be forced to vote on the petition. In this case, it's a clean continuing resolution.

The trick is getting roughly 18 Republicans to go on record as standing up to Boehner. According to various reports, there are between 18 - 21 GOP'ers who have said they favor a clean CR in order to get the government back up and funded. Yet when they had a chance to vote before this, they got cold feet.

What the Democrats can take out of this most likely futile effort is bragging rights. They tried -- and the Republicans didn't. And those like Peter King and Scott Rigell who have been outspoken in asking for a vote on a clean resolution, will have to put up or shut up. I'm betting they won't sign and that means they'll be painted by the same brush as the rest of the obstructionist Republicans who have refused to listen to the people and kept this government shut. The Tea Party stink will be all over them.

Prove me wrong, Republicans. I dare you to!

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  • Mr.RightNOW!

    OH P.S. NAZIonalized Obamacare = NOTHING but EXTORTING "EVERY" Tax Payer of EVERY Income Level to stuff the pockets of CORP. BIG PHARMA ...Judi not about "the poor" thats "medicaid"

  • Mr.RightNOW!

    well excuseeeeeeeee the TYPICAL WHITE CORPORATE/HOLLYWOOD-PROGRESSIVE/LIMOSUINE-"LEFT-LIBERAL" MADISON-AVE-MAINSTREAM MEDIA MATRIX mindeset from "judi" that one can find on ANY Cracker Jack Box on ANY College Campus"

    FYI ... Judi "DEMONRATS" closed down your precious govt. because they CANNOT LIVE UNDER THE LAWS THEY PASS FOR US!!! ... Why should govt bureacrats get NAZIonalized Obamacare subsidy/exemptions the rest of us cannot?

  • Mr.RightNOW!

    WRONG@! Sequester was BECAUSE THEY COULDNT COMPROMISE ... DEMONRATS WANT to continue spend our money giving it to0 big CORPORATIONS that do SOLAR - WIND - AND BIG BANKS thru (QUANITIVE EASING) ... YOU KNOW PAYOLA and REPUBLICANS KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW this causes economic bubbles economic dislocation (devalues the dollar) and eventually "inflation"

  • judi

    The RWers are hoping that the REST of us are as dumb as their beloved FOX watchers!

  • Frances R

    GOP counting on American people to forget & some will. So sick of this B.S.