Sorry, Rick Perry, but your new hipster glasses don't change a thing


rick perry hipster glasses  (Reed Saxon-Associated Press)(Photo: Reed Saxon / Associated Press)

The Los Angeles Times posted an analysis of the "new and improved" Rick Perry titled, "Rick Perry: California's bad on every front. Vote for me?" And by "new and improved" I mean "same idiot, new glasses." Yes, just as the Republican party has failed to make themselves over, Perry Version 2.0 is doing all he can to fool America into donating and eventually voting for him:

The purpose of my visit is not to bash California,” he said on the first day of the state Republican Party convention. “This is a wonderful state with great innovative people.”

But, he said, the very “future of the nation” depended on a blunt conversation about which course was best: California’s “big government, protectionist, nanny state” or Texas’ “limited-government, unsubsidized, freedom state.”

But he had no intention of bashing my home state. Got it.

In fact, the Times said his criticisms of California lasted 27 minutes. Here's what Cathleen Decker, the author of the piece, had to say in response:

That might have come off a tad hollow, given that Perry had already asserted that the state comes in a distant second to his by almost every measure imaginable -- tax rates, poverty levels, business growth, even freedom, by the governor’s sights.

Then she went on to describe Governor Oops "pondering a second presidential bid":

A second try depends on Perry’s ability to dramatically alter his image. To that end, the governor is coursing across the country with new hipster glasses and a more disciplined approach, taking on Democratic governors’ policies, trying to swipe their state’s jobs, and putting himself prominently in the public eye. A Texas group has aired ads in several areas that depict Perry. He has repeatedly courted gun manufacturers, and, by extension, their influential voter base.

Some "freedom state" you got there, Ricky. What exactly are these freedoms you speak of? Freedom to preach about being "pro-life" only to execute people who could be innocent? Freedom to die from lack of health insurance?

As my Gov. Jerry Brown's spokesman Evan Westrup said, Gov. Oops "took a detour to neighboring Fantasyland," and then he reminded him that "California has had 26 consecutive months of job growth.”


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