Fox News Giving More Coverage to Naked Student Exhibit, Than Government Shutdown


peep show

Ah, journalism. It comes in all shapes and sizes. There's hard hitting investigative, Pulitzer Prize level stuff. There's straight news reporting. There's specialty journalism as well; the snarky/fun kind (like Political Carnival) and there's the sensational (National Enquirer), straight and gay news rags and those that run from informative, light, frothy entertainment to more satirical, edgy, or politically slanted. And finally, at the bottom of the barrel, we find Fox News.

They've hardly met a story they couldn't slant or a personality so out of touch with reality that they didn't fit in seamlessly with their goon squad. They really have faux news down to a science.

With the government "slimdown" (they refused to call it a shutdown) there isn't a lot they have left to cover. Their "all defense of republicans, all the time," programming  is working  just fine for them.

Brown University students

Until now. The news editors got wind of an art exhibit at the Ivy League's Brown University, and they thought they could run with it. They would take an honest artistic exhibit called Nudity in the Upspace and give it to resident pervert (at least politically) Bill O'Reilly's people to cover. Their task -- to take something genuine and artistic and end up exploiting the nudity of young college students to make ratings and money.

That sure sounds like a Bill O'Reilly worthy segment. Take something genuine and twist it into seedy. They mock an art exhibition that explores race, gender and equality in relation to nudity and the human body.  This could win Bill O. the "Pulitzer-My-Finger"  Prize for his coverage. We'll find out next week after it airs.

Brown students felt duped by the subterfuge of the stated purpose these old white men reporters used to get their interviews and explain their presence on campus. They claimed they were doing a story on student life, burdens of tuition and a highly intensive curriculum.

What they really focused on was the "naked art." Any Ivy Leaguer (like myself) knows how hard it is to get in to one of the elite eight institutions, academically. We go because of educational achievment. If we wanted to see naked bodies, we could just search for them on the Internet and save tons of money.

The students of Brown have made a video about this experience and Fox TV. Maybe Bill should exploit this, instead of getting his rocks off with more of his slanted, non-news.