VIDEO: Tom Corbett compares marriage equality to marriage between brother and sister


tom corbett

Tom “You Just Have to Close Your Eyes” Corbett actually thought he was doing damage control when he corrected his original comparison of married gay couples to unions of twelve-year-old kids and said this:

"A much better analogy would be brother and sister..."

Oh yes, absolutely, Governor Tommy, equating marriage equality to incest is a huge improvement! Way to upgrade your message! Whew! And here we thought you'd never recover from that 12-year-old comment.

UPDATE: Here's a video of his apology to the "some" who thought his remarks were "insensitive." But see, there are "opinions on both sides," and he was "thinking with [his] legal head all the time," and being a politician is "second nature, not first nature as being a lawyer," so he apologizes to "anyone who feels offended by that." He didn't "intend to upset anybody," he was just "making an analogy."

And as Think Progress notes, it was just such a comparison to 12-year-old children that Corbett deemed inappropriate.

H/t: @haldonahue