High School Girl Sentenced to Jail For Consensual Sex With Another High School Girl


Kaitlin Hunt

So Florida justice is at it once again. Seems they can't be satisfied with an occasional natural hurricane, they have to brew up judicial storms of their own.

Some of the recent Sunshine State cases include the Trayvon Martin case, where at the root of it was the "Stand Your Ground" law. An unarmed boy is walking home alone, is confronted by an armed man and the boy ends up dead. The shooter's sentence, none. He's innocent under Florida law.

Then another high profile case, Marissa Alexander, 32, (who's Black and yes, that does seem to matter in Florida) fired a gun, a warning shot into the ceiling because she was afraid of her approaching, abusive  husband. She invoked the same state's stand-your-ground law but was found guilty of aggravated assault. The result, a 20-year sentence under state law.

Now comes another soon to be infamous case: Kaitlyn Hunt (female) who was an 18-year-old high school senior when she was arrested and charged for having sex with a then 14 year-old (female) schoolmate. Two high school kids fooling around but they were same sex, so now taboo enters the case.. The outcome of this teen activity? See for yourself:


What if this was heterosexual activity, as opposed to same-sex? Would there even have been an arrest at all, let alone a young woman going to prison? Was this a case of a young girl being victimized or a lesbian relationship being vilified?

We're never going to know for sure, but it certainly makes you wonder what's going on in Florida. Is it the orange juice?

  • "What if this was heterosexual activity, as opposed to same-sex? Would there even have been an arrest at all?"

    An 18 year old boy engaging in sex with a 14 year old girl? You may have a point to make, but this question is not making it. In pretty much every state in the country the answer would be yes, and I would applaud the action.

    My sister is gay, and I am very pleased with her partner. Lovely lady. If she was 14 years old I would lead the charge to have my sister arrested.

  • Steve Rosenberger

    This situation crosses so many lines... every time I begin to formulate a response, it gets short-circuited. Do I support the legal notion that minors cannot give consent for sex? Yes. Do I believe age is far less relevant to maturity than it used to be? Yes. Do I think 18-year olds (of any gender/orientation) should refrain from physical relationships with 14-year olds (of any gender/orientation)? Yes. Do I fear that anti-gay bias is the reason this case was prosecuted? Yes. Would an 18-year old boy also be charged and prosecuted for the same thing? Yes, I believe he would be charged with statutory rape if the girl's parents pressed charges. Is it possible that both girls have been victimized here? Yes, that may be the case... In the end, I'm glad that Kaitlin Hunt opted to spend a short time in prison and emerge with no sex-offender status. If I were her, I'd get the hell out of Florida ASAP and never look back.