Wednesday Links



Mild for these days.

Nude paintings, obscene sculptures and gods having sex with animals: Pompeii's treasure trove of erotic artefacts which prudish scholars kept locked up

Startups, Execs, and Undergrads: This Boat Cruise Is Your Nightmare

Scientists use lightning bolt to charge mobile phone

Video- America's new isolationism

The faces of illicit sex in 1940s Montreal: Archive mug shots reveal the madams, prostitutes and brothel owners cashing in on Canada's own 'Sin City' during World War II

David Bowie's top 100 books

Video- The changing face of female tattoos

Bill would grant immunity in ‘warning shot’ cases

Stunning maps reveal how continent was gradually altered from its VERY different appearance 550 million years ago

How U.S. media would report on shutdown if it were happening in another country

London Zoo tigers: Cameras capture tiger giving birth

One in five American Jews say they have no religion, survey finds

Scientists uncover differences in ballerina's brains that mean they can do endless pirouettes

Would you pop placenta pills? U.S. company turning afterbirth in to 'health supplement' for new mothers

Video- Alec Baldwin: ‘A Man Who Can Restore Balance To An Unbalanced Network’

Hitchcock Halloween: Costume How-Tos For His Iconic Characters