Elizabeth Warren Grills Burger Restaurateur


mcdonalds-Quarter-Pounder-with-Cheese-Extra-Value-MealsWhen it comes to a great grilling, is there anyone who does it better?

To  hear Senator Elizabeth Warren tell it, if minimum wage kept pace with the rise in productivity from 1960 until today, minimum wage would currently be $22/hr. But it's only $7.25/hr. EW enlists that aid of Arindrajit Dube, Ph.D UMass professor of economics to school restaurateur Dave Rutigliano at a senate sub-committee hearing. She demands to know what happened to the other $14.75/hr. Who's getting it? She points out quite effectively, it's not the worker. And it's not Rutigliano's sound math.

Sometimes it doesn't take a complex question to get a complex answer. Seems raising the minimum wage to $10.10/hr would only raise a McDonald's $7 meal four cents. And for that four cents, listen to Rutigliano defend how he'd have to raise the cost by much more, because he's not McDonald's. He's right. He's not. And perhaps we'd he'd be better off if he ran his business more like Mickey D's. It's amazing how many contortions people will go through to keep hard working, minimum wage workers from making livable earnings. Senator Warren makes it clear she may be buying a burger, but she's not buying this guy's bull.

  • David Gillooly

    Looks like the rest. owner will not go into economics if the business fails.

  • David G

    You'll also love Juliette Kayyem, also from Massachusetts. She's running for Governor, to replace Deval Patrick. I did a post on her a few weeks back. Amazing woman. DG

  • Jack Boardman

    Gotta-love Sen. Warren! She takes no prisoners!