Proof This Shutdown Is Intentional - The GOP Secret Game Plan


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Okay, we got our shutdown. It's the blame game. It's time to investigate the reasons we're in a government standstill, this muck and mire.

The ACA is only part of the reason. If this was an isolated issue, that would give credence to the argument that this shutdown is all over Obamacare. But it's over something much bigger. It's the economy, something Republicans are supposed to  excel with.

So with a h/t to Laffy who yesterday did a wonderful piece on TPC using Bill Maher's rant, I want to point out a few things, then end up with a real eye-opener from Rachel Maddow.

Laffy's post had to do with the eighth largest economy in the world going from a $60 billion dollar deficit in 2010 to a $1.2 to $4.4 billion surplus projected in 2014. Those numbers come from BUSINESS INSIDER.

rags to riches

Deficit to surplus? What huge country was this? How, in so little time, did they do it?

Okay, it's not a country, but a state. The Golden State right here in the US of A. Yes, California boasts the eighth largest economy in the world. It's number five in the world as a leading agricultural exporter. So to all those farm states out there, maybe you better listen to the Golden State. They know how to move all sorts of grain and fruits. If you can grow it, they can move it.

Now as to the how.., simple. The state got rid of Republicans and the Tea Party. The Golden State is run by a liberal Democrat, Governor Jerry Brown, and the Democrats have veto-proof margins in both houses, the state senate and the state assembly. That resulted, not from an armed revolt, but from everyday people with their votes.

Using sound judgment, California lifted itself fiscally from the red to the black. All it took was paring down unnecessary expenditures (a republican friendly idea) and raising taxes (a democratic friendly idea). Together, that formula turned things around. A strong, liberal idea.

If we did the same thing in Washington, let the Democrats have their way with the federal government and remove the biggest impediment to freedom and financial success (the Tea Party), we'd be on the road to recovery -- no, that's not a remake of an old Bob Hope - Bing Crosby picture with Dorothy Lamour -- but the actual road to fiscal health. And it would include a fully-implemented Obamacare.

Wait, didn't we try this not that long ago, putting the presidency,the House and the Senate under the guidance of one party? Yes.

So what happened?

That's where Rachel comes in:

So, we got all of this good stuff with the Democrats in control and zero from Republican control. Oh, plus a Republican-led government shutdown.

Look at California and their turnaround -- with the Democrats in control. You've got to ask yourself, which party is better at mentoring a weak or faltering economy?

With the federal government shutdown begun, we have to back the Democrats, not cave to  the extortion of the Republicans. Let our officials know that we will not succumb to extortion. Boehner, the Republicans and the Tea Party be damned. That alone is generous praise for what they really are.

Don't know who is your representative and how to email them? I'll make it easy -- click here. Do what's right. Take two minutes to let your representative know how you feel. Don't be lazy. America needs you now!