Both Federal Government AND GOP Defunded


bite the hand that feeds you

The Republicans, led by the Tea Party are truly biting the hand that feeds them.

In a good chess match, moves are calculated and made in advance of your actual turn. If you don't think ahead to the consequences of your actions, you can find yourself walking into traps. I think the shallow-minded, living-in-the-past, GOP party has moved themselves into "check" position. They're at the very least, on the run and soon may be boxed in totally with their king being captured. Checkmate. Game over.

Why? Where have all the pawns gone who are supposed to protect their leader?

They're scurrying for cover because they're soon to be broke. And lack of reelection money is a stronger motivation for Congress than loyalty. After all, Congress is bought -- thanks to the SCOTUS' Citizens United ruling.

Pretty much once you're elected, you do big business's bidding, strike down any regulations or taxes on them and your re-election coffers will fill with big bucks from big business. You save their asses and they'll kiss yours, with cash.

Now comes the shutdown. That's what the GOP forced upon us. How's that going to effect things? Terribly if your in the Grand Old Party!

We all know the meaning of the term insanity, doing the same thing over again and again expecting different results.

Well then what do you call this, Rube Goldberg insanity?

Follow the rolling ball. The Republicans have now shut down congress. That hurts big business. Big business is where the donors come from who overwhelmingly favor the GOP. And with the shutdown, the stock and bond markets drop precipitously, could even crash. That means these investors in the Republican puppets in government will face huge losses and devaluations. That leaves less discretionary money available to back political candidates-- especially the ones who caused them all this hardship. The result of that is underfunded campaigns for the Republicans with a few exceptions. That will cause more competitive races. Big business and rich investors rely on the stocks and bonds markets to go up, not down. They're not as crazy as congress. They'll vote (make political contributions) in their own best interest -- and that now is trending toward hurting the Republicans.

So who's really doing what to whom -- and "getting" it without the aid of Vaseline as Maine's Governor LePage recently said:

It only makes sense that the GOP-caused shutdown is having an effect. Just the fear of it happening yesterday caused the market to drop nearly a full percent, the highest single-day drop in over two years. And with the budget ceiling fight around the corner and the shutdown currently in effect, the market's going to dive. and with it, profits and net equity value for companies. Those are the hands that feed these bottom-feeders.

So Rube Goldberg-like or butterfly effect outcome, the Republicans are scratching their own names off of the donors lists for political contributions. The Republicans are costing their backers millions, if not billions. Good businessmen know what you do to a division or product that's costing you money -- you amputate it. Or ship it overseas. (Is there any country out there willing to take these losers?)

See how that feels, GOP. You've knee-capped your own legs . Tough going, isn't it? If you walk the walk like you talk the talk, you'll be ambling around in circles for a long time to come.

Moses supposedly wandered for forty years -- the GOP is determined to start a similar walk -- and with them, it could turn out to be much more of a Bataan Death March.