VIDEO-- Historic DiplObamacy: "I was watching the man that I voted for in 2008, very proudly."


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Rachel Maddow made an appearance on "All In with Chris Hayes" to comment on the remarkable series of historic events that all took place in one day:

Rachel: Can we start with the hash tag with the hashtag "will"?  "Will"! It *will* happen! Not "Yes, we can."  "Yes, we will"! *Did* happen! Amazing.

Chris: It was amazing this happened and it did feel like this was a huge issue in the 2008 campaign. What Barack Obama did in that campaign was turn into the tough position, which was "Yeah, I'm going to talk to Iran," and here we are five years later and he's talking to Iran.


Rachel: None of that would have happened had the Obama administration not pursued the course he took as a candidate.

One great milestone, one great sort of benchmark person to watch here is always John McCain because John McCain has never met a war he didn't like, and John McCain's response to the prospect of the U.N. Security Council resolution, which we apparently now have, was that it made him sad. He did not want this to be resolved diplomatically. He did not want Syria's chemical weapons to be resolved without a war, that made him feel sad, and what's amazing about that is that it's just him. That's a bizarre view to have. And the rest of the country doesn't have it with him.

Chris: I was watching it unfold when John Kerry came before the nation when he made this passionate argument for strikes. This is a train wreck. The president is gonna lose the vote in Congress, I think it's a bad idea substantively to do this. I don't think it's going to work, I think it's going to make things worse.

I can't believe I'm sitting here a week later and there is a binding enforceable UN Security Council resolution with Russia voting for it in which Syria's gonna turn over their chemical weapons... an incredible diplomatic victory.

Rachel: Yes, on the day that the American president speaks to the Iranian president for the first time since 1979. ... To have them all happening at once, to have sort of "Diplobamacy" bearing fruit in this dramatic way, I mean I guess this is the way these things happen... You quietly work on these things for a very long time, then all of a sudden, when opportunity is available, things happen all at once, this is watershed stuff. This is historic.


...What you need to know as an American government is that we need competent governance, we need people who are good at diplomacy all the time and working at it even when it seems hopeless, because sometimes it takes 34 years for that phone call to happen, but when it happens, you better have done the work along the way because those opportunities come along very very rarely.

Chris: And to bring it back to Syria, that was what was most remarkable about Syria, was that when the opportunity presented itself, the president took it.

Rachel: Even if it kinda came from a weird place. I don't care if John Kerry meant say that in that way at that moment, when the opportunity arose, they they were on it. ... You gotta be ready.  Preparation is 99% of taking advantage of the right opportunity. I'm very very proud of our diplomatic capacity on a day like this.