White House: #Obamacare premiums cheaper than expected


obamacare haven't been taken over by Soviets

As Chris Hayes wisely put it, the fact that the GOP is "so intent on spinning #Obamacare ahead of time shows they're actually nervous the thing's gonna work."

trueHere is an excerpt from a newly released Whitehouse.gov report:

Premiums before tax credits will be more than 16 percent lower than projected

The weighted average second lowest cost silver plan for 48 states (including DC) is 16 percent below projections based on the ASPE-derived Congressional Budget Office

Via The Hill:

On Tuesday, President Obama urged the uninsured to ignore the fierce political debate over the healthcare law and see for themselves next week how much they would have to pay for coverage.

Premiums will vary from state to state and will change even more depending on factors such as smoking status, age and geography within the state.

But on average, across the 36 states where the federal government is running the insurance marketplaces, premiums next year will be 16 percent lower than expected, the Health and Human Services Department said in a report.

There are so many lies and so much misinformation be spread around by nail-biting Republicans that it's hard to keep up. As President Obama has always said, yes there will be glitches. There always are when there's a huge roll out of a huge program. But when all is said and done, more Americans will be covered more fairly, more broadly.

As for those inane accusations of socialism, what part of Big Insurance profiting handily from the Affordable Care Act don't these loons grasp?