Ladies, If You Get Raped, It's Your Fault


it's your fault

Rape isn't funny. It's horrible and it's a worldwide problem, not just a US cultural anomaly. Lives are ruined and victims remain scarred for the rest of their lives. Yet getting that idea across to a generally male-dominated society and lawmakers takes a very deft touch. Just demanding these rule makers, law enforcers and solons speak up for rape protection seems to be slow, ineffective and nearly elusive. Their talk is cheap, their actions as solid as smoke.

Their ineffective dismissal of the enormity of the crime more often than not ends up in the victim's humiliation and re-victimization. The abused are put on trial more than the perpetrator. They have to defend why they shouldn't have been attacked. It's time for that to stop.

Then how can we get through to those who don't care? Facts, sure. Statistics are a great tool. Tragic anecdotes by victims, they help as well. Pictures of the brutal aftermath register, but are seen, not felt. Pain, fear and humiliation can't be quantified.

Society needs to get the message. And sometimes a more subtle way to get through is the most effective.

Don't underestimate the strength of satire - a poke or jab. It can make the difference. Elections are lost many times on how big a fool or laughing stock one person has become, rather than what their opponent stands for. Funny can be a tool. It can make you think without the stigma of being lectured to.

This following is a perfect example. Though made initially for an Indian audience, it's as valid here as anywhere. Rape knows no boundaries. It's international and needs to be addressed seriously. Here's a way to get through -- not with a stick or a gun, but with a smile. Enjoy.