VIDEO: Oops! Dick Cheney had a "major" gun malfunction in charity hunting contest


cheney whittington smaller78-year-old Texas attorney Harry Whittington and Cheney, who shot his pal  while participating in a 2006 quail hunt.

"He had a gun malfunction. But I think he is so excited and enjoyed this so much. He'll be back next year."

Wait. Cheney was "so excited and enjoyed" the malfunction? Oh, but I kid, but it is pretty much what one would expect to hear from a self-serving, dangerous, lying piece of WMD like... *Dick*.

Calm down, nobody got shot in the face... this time. At least Dick "Sharpshooter" Cheney didn't have a wardrobe malfunction, too (thank god), but his precious gun apparently failed him.

Via The Hill:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s gun malfunctioned before he could get a shot off at an antelope hunting contest in Wyoming on Sunday, according to a local ABC News affiliate. [...]

Cheney blamed “a small problem with the manufacturer.”

Cheney also blamed the September 11, 2001 attacks on Iraq. Next.

In the ABC News report, one of the captains of a competing team ribbed Cheney, saying that “the good news is that his gun didn’t work and nobody got hurt.”

How does the saying go again? Oh yeah: There are no jokes.

cheney cowboy hat