Video- Fox's Doocy Botches Deficit Reduction Numbers


I think "botches" is generous, I'm inclined to go with "lies". Via MM.

This is false. The Congressional Budget Office reported September 17 that the annual federal budget deficit had fallen this year to "its smallest size since 2008: roughly 4 percent of GDP [gross domestic product], compared with a peak of almost 10 percent in 2009":

  • Sally

    Yes, but 4% of GDP just doesn't sound as scary as "This President has watched the deficit grow out of control, and he keeps spending, and Obamacare will destroy the US as we know it!!!"
    Plus, if the GOP really cared about deficits, they would be crowing about this and taking all the credit...'sequestor' you know. The only purpose of the GOP and their Fox mouthpieces is to scare people into voting against their best interests. In other words, they are all liars and traitors.