How Do You Run For Office On:


Question Mark 2

Here's what's facing the Republican Party in the next elections:

How do you run on forcing a government shutdown?

How do you run on defunding Obamacare and removing 30,000,000 PEOPLE from receiving health care?

How do you run on cutting $39,000,000 from the food stamp program (SNAP) depriving 6,500,000 kids and 170,000 veterans of food assistance?

How do you run on cuts of 18 percent for federal firefighting efforts?

How do you run on cuts to the U.S. Department of Education’s budget by $5 billion.

Question Mark

How do you run on refusing to end job killing sequester cuts?

How do you run on walking away from Immigration Reform?

How do you run on taking away minorities rights to vote?

How do you run on climate change denial?

How do you run when you vote to take away control of women's bodies and their reproductive rights?

How do you run when you claim "I think there are senators who are going to find Jesus and do the right thing."

How do you run when you defy 90% of the population asking for gun purchase background checks?

Republican Suicide 2

You call yourself a Republican, cross your fingers, kiss your ass good-bye and then end it all with a prayer.

RIP GOP. Even Reagan can't save you now.

  • "How do you run by refusing to end job killing sequester cuts?"

    You do that because the people in your district do not call that "job killing sequester cuts" they merely call them "sequester cuts" and are convinced that they improve the economy. You believe that they are wrong, but that does not mean that everyone has to think the same way that you do. That's why we have elections, so that legislators with opposing views can present those opposing views and let the voters decide. If you had your way and all legislators ran on the values which you espouse, we would not have a democracy.

    I am constantly amazed at this bleat of "they are running on the wrong values." They are in office. They were elected on those values, and they represent more than half of the House. The fact that I don't agree does not make more than half of my fellow citizens evil and reprehensible.

  • DC Madman

    You don't have to run on any of that. In approximated numbers only 50% of eligible voters vote. 25% of those are Right wing authoritarian followers who are rock solid republicans. All the GOP needs to do is shave a couple of percentage points off the other 25% and they win. They could be in trouble if a small bit of the half that doesn't vote get fed up and decide to vote.

  • kimbutgar

    Sadly racism is stronger. Americans have a short attention span come next November with all that Koch money attacking the Dem's and blinded by hate for Obama. They will vote for repugs again. I just don't see those southern voters embracing the democratic party. It will be ugly and I see the repugs taking both houses. Throw in voter suppression and the corporate media letting repugs off easy ( chuck toad ) and don't forget gerrymandering. The repugs can do and say anything and their base will vote for them while they kick those people in the ass. That said I hope I'm wrong. The republican party has become right wing extremist terrorists who won't be stopped. And they'll take this country down to punish us for voting for a black man in the whitehouse.