The Book Booth: Equinox Edition



The Book Booth is a weekly feature at The Political Carnival, relating news, notes, and reflections from the world of books and publishing. SeattleDan, along with his wife, SeattleTammy, are operators of both an on-line bookstore, as well a brick and mortar in small town Washington State. Both have been in the book business since shortly after the Creation, or close to 6000 years now.

The moon is full and fall is in the air. The Equinox is upon us tomorrow, so a Happy Fall Season for us all. The leaves are beginning to turn and for a while, it will be stunning.

In the world of books, next week is the celebration of Banned Book Week, sponsored by the good folks at the American Library Association. You can read all about it here.

Of course, nothing will stop some mush-brains from watching out for the children. In North Carolina's Randolph County, Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man has just been banned. And not just banned, we get a literary critique from one board member, Gary Mason who found the book to have no literary value.

While we are still waiting to hear what author will win the prestigious Man-Booker award this year, it has been announced that next year the prize will be open for the first time to American authors.

I mentioned previously that the National Book Awards has teamed up with the Daily Beast to re-invigorate the ceremony and the awards themselves. This week the long lists for each category have been rolled out and you can read the nominees for fiction here. There are some good synopses here and a quick hello to old friend Rick Simonson of the Elliott Bay Book Company, one of this years judges.

Paddy found a couple of cool book-related items over at BoingBoing. The first, the bookends, I wouldn't suggest you try yourself.

As for the second, I recommend not leaving your bookshelves out in the rain.

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of James Patterson's novels, but I commend him highly for the gesture he made this week to independent bookstores.

And the Guardian also reports these unkind words from author Jonathan Franzen for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. I don't think being one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse is a good thing.

From our Department of Lists, we have from Flavorwire the 11 essential books for all you punks and wannabe punks out there.

And as many novels employ a first-person narrator, Antoine Wilson at Publishers Weekly suggests these ten narrators as literature's best.

I know we all have guilty pleasures. When it comes to music, I actually do like Loggins and Messina's sappy love songs. So shoot me. Erin La Rosa at Buzzfeed suggest thirty books that are not only guilty pleasures, but actually pretty cool.

And as Lynda Barry reminds us, the older we get, guilty pleasures aren't that bad, but a part of our reading lives.

A good weekend for everyone. Happy reading and a happy Fall. Let us know what books are on top of your reading pile.