In her own words: "Clinton Allen was/is my son. He was unarmed, shot 7 times, once in the back" by a policeman


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Yesterday I introduced you to Clinton Allen, an unarmed African American man who was shot and killed by a police officer. Please read it here: "We have a Trayvon situation here in Dallas, TX."

I'm not sure that it's exactly a "Trayvon Martin situation," but I certainly understand why Peggy Allen, Clinton's stepmother, put it that way. There are differences in the two cases, as you can see by the reporting, but yes, another young black man was shot and killed needlessly, and as his family is grieving, they are also doing everything they can to draw attention to the glaring brutality and racial issues surrounding his death.

I continue to be in touch with both Peggy Allen as well as Collette Flanagan, Clinton Allen's mother. Both are clearly distraught over losing Clinton, but also appalled, devastated, and confused by the senseless killing of their loved one, who again, was not armed and didn't deserve to die.

Today Collette emailed me and has graciously permitted me to share that email. Bolding is mine, and I added the blockquote from the Dallas Morning News. I will be updating this story as details emerge:

My name is Collette Flanagan, Clinton Allen was/is my son.

Thank you so much for you willingness to post our story. I have a bountiful of information I have discovered about the city of Dallas, Dallas Police Department and the DA’s office. Despicable at best.

When Clinton was first murdered, I couldn’t imagine my son being executed by a policeman. It was as if someone told me, my 80 year old mother had been murdered by a policeman.

I began to search and realized that this cop, Clark Staller, badge #9514 had been given a mere pass and a slap on the wrist for attempted murder in 2011. (Dallas Morning News). Staller, also falsified the police record and has had excessive force issues in the past.

[ADDED: A Dallas police officer was recently suspended for 20 days over January 2011 incident in which he hit a vehicle burglary suspect with a squad car.

Officer Clark Staller, who was hired in 2008, received the suspension during a disciplinary hearing last month.

According to Dallas police records, internal affairs investigators found he placed another person in greater danger than necessary when he used his squad car to block a fleeing suspect, that he was untruthful to a supervisor when he told him that he hadn’t hit the man and that he entered inaccurate information into a police report.]

Imagine my horror.

I since discovered through Open Records that ... 68 UNARMED Black and Brown (96% Black) have been killed in Dallas by policemen. Records show that 98% of the policemen killing these men are White. We know through these same records that Black officers are not killing unarmed White men. We know that there is a certain police substation (Southeast) that is notorious for accepting “problem transfers.”

Instead of firing these problem officers, the city transfers them into certain zip codes, where the citizens are poor and these problem cops are allowed to “hunt”

Clinton was only 25 yrs old, unarmed, shot 7 times and once in the back. We have 6 sworn witness statements that say everything different that Staller reported.

I would love to speak or continue correspondence with you and I am appreciative of your efforts to tell our story.

Peggy is Clinton’s step mother and she loved him very much and I thank her every day for her passion.

P.S. I’ve attached a bonus Open Record for you which include FBI internal emails between DPD admitting that Chief Brown had not implemented a formal process to notify the FBI when an officer involved shooting occurs. Chief Brown never implemented any of the policy changes after the James Harper shooting (in report). The Foot chase pursuit policy-had he implemented it as promised after the James Harper, Clinton would be alive.

Clinton did nothing wrong, he had twin boys, 14 months, at the time of his murder and he is gone from us forever. For nothing. I am fighting for other mothers who simply can not overcome the grief to fight for their sons.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Peace and blessings,

Collette L. Flanagan

Clinton R. Allen Foundation, Founder

Families Living with Justice  

She added this after I asked her a series of questions that needed asking about rumors about her son's past. Collette is my new hero:

My goal is to be totally transparent. Because to defend a lie that would make me feel better would be to represent Clinton in the light that they are trying to portray him. He was no thug. He went to college(Texas Southern Univ) and majored in criminal justice, he was a star football player in high school. He had just posted on his Facebook last year that he was getting his body in shape and was going to walk on for the Dallas Cowboys.

Does any of that sound like a thug to you? I am an ex- IBM executive and a US patent holder., but most of all a mother. Being a mother is the psalms of my soul. I am still his mother even in death. But I am committed to expose Dallas even if it cost me my life, and it may. But if you are not willing to die for something, then you have lived for nothing.

One more thing: I asked if Officer Staller was still employed and the answer was "yes." Collette emailed me the following details along with a PDF of a Dallas Police Department "Fusion" chart which doesn't translate well here, but I included it anyway:

We had to protest like we were protesting for a stay of execution just to get him off the streets. He is now working a desk job at Police Headquarters, but get this… he’s working at high security surveillance department called the Fusion Group. They only do surveillance on Black men. You can’t make this stuff up! It’s a disgrace and “good ole boy” dysfunctional local government at his best.

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