Hey Crazy Lady, For Your Next Miracle Will You Become A Total Ass?


going crazy

Right Wing Watch. With a name like that, I had to see what I was missing while reading Sanity International (everything not right wing). So I dropped by. I was sure I would find something eye opening, and you know what? I did.

An Arizona family that fled the US by boat only to be lost at sea is planning to leave again, once again by boat. Back in August, the Gastonguay family cited “abortion, homosexuality [and] the state-controlled church” as reasons for leaving the US to the island nation of Kiribati.

Christian Right radio host Kevin Swanson says it is appropriate to attend a same-sex wedding but only as long as you hold up a sign calling for the happy couple to be put to death.

Conservative activist and Fox News contributor Jesse Lee Peterson is angry about the growing political clout of African Americans and women, and he believes President Obama, Al Sharpton, Jamie Fox and Oprah Winfrey used the official commemoration of 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom to spread anti-white racism and socialism.

But that wasn't the big story. Oh, no. Not by a long-shot. That honor belongs to this story:

Self-proclaimed television prophet Cindy Jacobs recently told her followers that her faith once caused a woman to re-grow a cheek bone in seconds and that she was able to self-heal a grapefruit-sized tumor caused by Satan.

If you want some ding for your dong, some bang for your buck and some tooti for your fruity, here she is in all of her religious glory: