Grab a Hanky And Watch This



I know that Paddy had posted this video earlier on her evening video distraction a few days ago, but I only had the time to catch it and thought it was worth a second glance. Usually commercials, especially in this country, run from stupid to mindless with a skosh of insanity in between. It's no wonder people DVR shows and watch them in time-shifted form. Doing that allows you to skip the claptrap drivel.  TV series are filled with worthless insipidness -- necessary to pay for the episodes -- but ads that do nothing but insult the average mind.

Here's an example of a commercial that will surely sell it's product by making you think, feel, aspire to do something great while capturing your emotions.

Where is this kind of commercial, Madison Avenue? This is what Don Draper would be doing if MAD MEN was contemporary.

Warning: This ad has been known to make adult (wo)men sniffle, and good (wo)men great. According to MailOne it has already been viewed over three and a half million times on YouTube, with over 40,000 likes. Thanks Thai phone company True Move H: