"We have a Trayvon situation here in Dallas, TX."


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This morning I discovered a new Twitter follower, Peggy Allen. The above screen grab is of her Twitter profile page, and we only just started to communicate. I volunteered to write up the story of her stepson, 25 year-old Clinton Allen, who was shot seven times by a Dallas police officer.

clinton allen grave siteCollette Flanagan, Clinton Allen's mother:

"This is where my child is, because he was murdered by someone of authority who we trusted."

Flanagan says Clinton had gone to an apartment to retrieve a TV set, where he was not welcome.

Collette Flanagan, mother of Clinton Allen, spoke with The Dallas Weekly:

"DA Craig Watkins has been in office since 2006. Over 20 unarmed men have been murdered by policemen, of which 96% of the victims are Black. 98% of the cops doing the killings are white, and he (Watkins) has never indicted one. How is that possible?

Via a July article from The Dallas Weekly:

[I]t should not surprise anyone after weighing these facts that many in the Black community believe that a police officer can shoot and kill an unarmed Black person and somehow have the shooting be judged as justifiable by the powers that be. But what happens when some of the powers that be are Black, like Chief David Brown and District Attorney Craig Watkins? Would police shootings of unarmed Blacks still be viewed as always justifiable? If you ask Collette Flanagan, who lost her only son, Clinton Allen to the gun of Dallas police officer, Clark Staller, the answer is no. She wants to know, where’s the justice? She says it has not been found, for her or the mothers of the other 60 or so unarmed Black people who lay dead by the hands of the Dallas Police Department over the years. Their search for justice continues.

An eye witness:

"[I] saw Clinton Allen with his hands up and the officer pointing his gun at Clinton… I heard 4 to 5 gun shots. I am an ex-military man and I know aggression when 1 see it. Clinton was not showing any signs of aggression towards this officer. I doubt Clinton would have challenge this officer that was standing only about six feet from him with a gun pointed at him,” stated a witness from a sworn affidavit in regards to the shooting of Allen the night of March 10, 2013. Staller, who is white, was allegedly responding to a 911 call from the apartment of a woman who did not welcome or want a visit with Allen at the time. She purportedly called the police when he came to her home and knocked on the door several times.

Another witness said, "The young man was trying to comply but he had been shot so many times, he put his right hand up again as he was falling to the ground... He never gave him a chance, I witnessed 5 shots and it was like seeing a helpless person executed.”

More details here and here at Dallas News. Per the reporting, neither Staller nor Allen were perfect, and you can read about their past histories at the links and judge for yourself. But no matter what one might infer (based on the vicious attacks on Trayvon Martin, I'm not sure I want to know), Allen was not armed and was shot to death, so the questions remain:

Why the need to unload so many bullets on an unarmed man? Why was it necessary to kill him? And if Officer Clark Staller is still an active Dallas police officer (he was as of July), and he has such a nasty record, why is he still out there?

And why are so many young black and brown men needlessly shot and killed (and of course, racially profiled)? Where is the accountability? As The Dallas Weekly managing editor wrote, the "search for justice continues."

Here's a petition you can sign to support the indictment of Clinton Allen's killer.

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And if you're on Facebook, you can "like" the Justice 4 Clinton page here.

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"On the rainy early morning of March 10, 2013, 25 yr old Clinton Allen, UNARMED was murdered by Dallas Police Officer Clark Staller Badge#9514."

Via Justice for Clinton Allen:

September 10...

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