The GOP Is Picking More Than Our Pockets



Pickpocketing is a triumph of craft: a distracting touch with one hand, while the other hand gets to work, and the next thing you know ... where's my wallet?

The good old misdirection scam. It's presented very well and in a fun sense by the world's greatest pick-pocket artist, Apollo Robbins. He demonstrates his amazing skills and even though you're watching, you'll come to see that between his banter and his fast hands, you're going to be taken. You won't trust your eyes after this because Robbins is going to have them trained where he wants them, and that's away from his real target. Just like the Republicans have been doing for years now.

While you're being focused on 41 Obamacare votes, the banking industry is being allowed to empty your bank accounts with untalked about fees, loose to no regulation and risky investment practices with your money.

While the Tea Party is wigging out on gun control, backroom deals to allow dirty air-polluting fuel regulations are set to expire or be amended to make them unenforceable.

While the IRS "scandal" and the smokescreen of Benghazi are making front page news, voting rights, privacy rights, even a woman's rights to choose  are being challenges out of public view. Special sessions. No public oversight. Limited to no discussion permitted. Opposing views ignored. These are the pickpocket's tools of his trade.

If you're not yet convinced, watch this video. In your mind, replace Apollo with the GOP Party -- it's leaders (Boehner, Cantor, Cruz, Paul, McConnel), all rolled into one. These are the masters of the misdirection. Guard your wallet..