3 GOP Nuts In Search Of A Bolt


3 nuts

In the mid '60s there was a Mamie Van Duren movie called "3 Nuts In Search Of A Bolt." It was billed as the spiciest, funniest, bawdiest picture of the year. Don't believe me, here's the trailer: (CAUTION: Adult images - Possibly NSFW)

I watched it again the other day and the title just cracked me up. It seems that there's been a remake by the Republican party -- with an updated theme. What was the story of 3 crazy people seeking out one sane person to represent them in a psychiatrist's session to save money, has now become 3 nuts seeking a sane person to represent them in stopping Obamacare. The GOP has cast the nutcases to be: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Rafael 'Ted' Cruz. The sane person is Reince Priebus in the Tommy Noonan role.

With an offensive approach to the public and muddled message to share, why would anyone think that these three early front runners for their 2016 chances at the White House show anymore promise than Mamie Van Duren back in her hayday?

Check out the updated version of the "classic" movie. To tag this with "...and hijinx ensue," would be redundant. Without sane gun control, these guys will not only shoot themselves in the foot, but it's likely that their foot will be in their mouths when they pull the trigger. Mamie, your classic status is safe with us for now...

See for yourselves: