Rafael 'Ted' Cruz, Marked Down -- Maybe Out



It's hard to believe that is less than a year since the junior senator from Texas, freshman Rafael Cruz stepped into the political circus in Washington. It seems he's everywhere these days. And he's made quite a name for himself. Actually, he's been called quite a few names. Some of them printable here and many, NSFW.

His little pre-presidential announcement dance has been going along quite smoothly. He's made many public appearances and separated himself from the crowd in the rush to the right. He's taken every harebrained Tea Party approach he possibly could. He's positioned himself as the right wing choice over fellow Hispanic, Marco Rubio. Marco's now considered DOA for the nomination.

Basically only two others stand in Raffy's way toward a 2016 lambasting -- Rand Paul and Chris Christie.

So, with little in his way except his imagination -- and a few other incidentals like rescinding his dual-citizenship (which he still hasn't applied to do), what could go wrong? He's the up-and-comer of his party.

Well, here's what could happen. The people of his own party are tired of him. They're shunning him. And they don't want to listen to him anymore.

What's the proof of this? Money. That's the proof of any candidate's standing. When they financial contributions start to wain, so does the interest in the candidate's campaign.

You can try to boost your standing if your a Republican by adding the Ronald Reagan legacy to yours. You team up with the Gipper.

That's what Rafael 'Ted' tried to do. And here's the results according to the Iowa Republican:

Among the items on the docket is an Oct. 25 speech at the Iowa Republican Party's Reagan Dinner. With less than six weeks between now and the event, the Iowa Republican News caught an ad showcasing 25 percent savings for folks interested in seeing Cruz.

Well, maybe it was just one event and maybe it conflicted with some other big rally or football game. There's bound to be something about this one event and Ted Cruz.

In fact, at the June picnic that Cruz attended for the Republican Party of Iowa, the administration capped the number of people who could attend the event, again, another odd occurrence for a fundraising event.

I guess maybe public fatigue has already set in on the Calgary Kid. And none too soon.