John McCain: "I don’t want to be one of these old guys that should’ve shoved off.” Too late.


overstay your welcome

John Sidney McCain is a 27-year veteran of the Senate. He's run for president and lost. He's gone from "maverick" to tea party suck-up to tea party critic and back to maverick. He inexplicably failed to thoroughly vet tea party darling Sarah Palin and chose her as his cringe-worthy running mate, apparently oblivious to her ineptitude and loonitude. He wants to bomb-bomb-bomb just about everyone, and has been a fixture for so long that his latest policy position pendulum swing is to actually legalize weed.

In other words, he's been around a long, long time and has committed the political crime of overkill, but somehow he's oblivious to that, too.

The Wrap did an interview with Grampy McCain, and The Hill has highlights. The Hill's headline is "McCain hints at retirement in 2016":

“The president and I, he's in his last term, I'm probably in mine, the relationship we have had over the past three years is quite good,” McCain told The Wrap in an interview. “Quite good."

The 77-year-old's current term is up in 2016. When asked if this would really be his last term, McCain backtracked a bit.

“Nah, I don’t know,” McCain said. “I was trying to make a point. I have to decide in about two years so I don’t have to make a decision. I don’t want to be one of these old guys that should’ve shoved off.”

Then he felt the need to clarify in a tweet:

mccain tweet reelection decision

So those rumors about McCain's impending retirement can be... retired. At least for now.

  • Stanley Crawford

    "Wet" John McCain should have been in prison for the murder of 167 Navy sailors after starting a fire aboard the U.S.S. Forestal, his not following Navy bombing run protocol that got him shot down over Hanoi and the millions of $'s in jets he destroyed. Due to his father being an Admiral he was transferred instead of Court-Marshaled. His multi-adulteries were inspired by Ronald Reagan's multiple marriage infidelities.

  • Piano Fingers

    He doesn't realize he is an old fuddy duddy.

  • Lorenzo LaRue

    Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, you pathetic old prick. You never saw a war that you didn't want to get involved in. You always want to kick some but, eh? Maybe you know what the letters F. O. mean. Or maybe you just need a good whoop'in.

  • Frances R

    Grampy needs a long rest.