Gun crime is up. Three cheers for austerity! Hip hip... BANG! Hip hip... BANG! Hip hip... BANG! But a CA city has a plan.


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Melissa Harris-Perry ticked off story after story of needless gun deaths in the above video segment:

"I want to pretend that these senseless deaths are not happening. But we have to face these realities because the gun lobby does not rest even as Americans lose their lives to gun violence."

We at TPC write endlessly about guns, gun violence, and the push for meaningful, sensible gun safety laws. We also quote stats such as these:

And just as all the wrangling over firearms gets even more depressing and seems increasingly futile, along comes a glimmer of hopeful news. In today's L.A. Times, there's a story about Oakland, California's effort to exempt the city from state law in order to get a major gun problem under control. I scanned the image below from my hard copy of the Times:

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An 8-year-old girl, Alaysha "Ladybug" Carradine, was the latest victim of gunfire; she was killed at a slumber party when some gun-totin' loon knocked on the door and opened fire. A 7-year-old girl and 4-year-old boy were wounded. The murderer has yet to be apprehended.

So far this year there have been 3,026 gun crimes in this city just shy of 400,000 residents, which tops the list of the state's most dangerous. [...]

And so was born an unprecedented effort to seek an exemption from the California law that bars local governments from regulating the registration or licensing of firearms. [...]

No municipality has previously received such an exemption, yet Bonta called the "targeted approach" to hand this regulatory decision-making to local officials "good policy," noting that 12 children were among Oakland's 130 homicides last year — 90% of them gun-related. [...]

Oakland officials say a city licensing and registration program would help police better track local gun patterns, including thefts; locate straw purchasers; remove firearms promptly from the hands of those barred from possessing them; and allow for better gun safety education.

Guess who's opposed! Correct! The gun lobby. So much for all that local control conservatives keep championing.

And guess why the gun crime rate is rising:

[The] police force ... shrank by a fourth because of budget cuts over the last five years. While homicides and some other violent crimes have dipped slightly this year over the same period last year, robberies with a firearm are up almost 50%.

Three cheers for austerity! Hip hip... BANG! Hip hip... BANG! Hip hip...

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