How To End The NRA



Ever find that the NRA has gotten in the way of sane, common sense rules? Ever think that we'd be better off with them gone? Well, we've tried making that argument to our congressmen, but they get too much support, votes and money from them to do anything but stand up for them and do their bidding.

That is until now.

There's a two pronged attack to get the NRA to self-destruct.

Obama and rifle

First: Have Obama come out in favor of the NRA. Have his tell us about all the good they've done and why he's proud of his membership -- so much so that he's urging all of his Kenyan and other Black friends and family to join. Bring on in the entire ghetto.

Secondly, he's got Sarah Silverman on his side. She's made this video which is sure to put those stuck on the fence to go flying over it and running for the hills, to burn their membership cards. Remember Groucho said he'd never belong to any club that would have him as a member. The NRA might take that same approach after watching this: