Too Soon? It's Only Been Fifty Years


mind blown

Comedians, when a questionable joke fails to get laughs, or even provoke groans, often turn to their audience and shrug, "Too soon?"

Well, it's happened once again. Certain things are just a bit sacrosanct. They really should be considered taboo. And here's a very recent commercial that crosses that line.

But if there is something positive to take away from this, it's not the intended cause. It's not going to get us to go off and place a bet with French horse racing bookmaker PMU. But what it could do, is remind us all of the ridiculous obsession America has with guns. Whether cultural or not, whether protected under the second amendment or not, this commercial is wrong (for taste reasons) but it does serve as a reminder of how guns kill.

It doesn't matter that I find this commercial abhorrent, I'm using it strictly to make a point.

On Tuesday, two Colorado state officials faced a recall. They were part of the group that got sane and reasonable gun control measures passed in their state (background checks and 15 round limits on gun clips). With the NRA heavily lobbying against them, they were defeated. The message of reasonable gun laws took a huge hit.

We can't let that continue. This is a wake-up call.

We must work against the NRA so that we have some safety measures in place, especially while we liberally apply meaning to the second amendment.