We’ll Always Have Benghazi


Ted Cruz Canada

Poor Senator Rafael Cruz. He’s got no one to play with. His get-famous-quick scheme has taken a back seat to real news. His momentum hasn't sputtered, it’s petered out totally. No one wants to hear Raffy’s whining and even the Tea Party is getting tired of Teddy One-note, the dual-citizen from North of the 49th parallel.

Listen to his droning on about Benghazi. According to him, we've taken our eye off the ball. The real prizes are Benghazi and the IRS "scandals." He feels that’s where our attention should be – not on the hundreds or thousands of Syrians who were gassed. He’s not interested in the millions of Syrian refugees whose lives have been disrupted. After all, those are foreigners, not native born Americans like… Whoops – well, maybe he’d care about these refugees if they had dual citizenship.

Here’s Rafael, trying once again to become pertinent or relevant. He’ll take either, but seems to be neither.