Leading Cause Of Murder In American? Gays -- Dean and McMillan


Sons of Liberty radio


I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry hearing Sons of Liberty Radio, hosts Bradlee Dean and Jake McMillan from last week. Among their jaundiced claims are that gay people are responsible for half of all murders committed in large US cities, among other crimes.

Don’t take my word for it. Save your souls. Listen to this yourself so I’m not accused of misquoting:

Snarkatude, cynicism, sarcasm—they’re all part of my arsenal in handling things that seem so outrageous. I’m faced with great alarm when radio outlaws promote violence and retribution. I’m pretty calloused when it comes to right-wing stories and opinions. Anger is something that takes a little more motivation.

Well, I’ve got anger right now.

There’s way too much discrimination and distrust going on within all communities. To propagate such hatred with lies and fabrications is nothing new – for haters. But how is it we can give a forum to such zealots? The answer sadly is they have an audience. People who eat this crap up for lunch and poop it out to their friends and neighbors post-dinner.

The best way to show your displeasure with these hate-mongers is to find out who sponsors their shows – then avoid those products. Advertising money is how these programs succeed. So I visited the Right Wing Watch to see who sponsors them. And here’s the interesting part. There are no sponsors. None listed, that is. So they are deep-pocketed by alternative means.

That most likely is the 501-c at work -- maybe Mr. Issa should look into this.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to @Pattibbs for the correction on this post. DG

  • bpollen

    Bradlee Dean, from the state that brought you Michele Bachmann... Take that!, world!

    We shoulda stuck with Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox.

  • David G

    As you can see, it has been corrected and I do appreciate your diligence. Thanks for standing up for the liberals among us. DG

  • Thanks for following up but this piece should either be withdrawn or rewritten.

  • David G

    My link to Sons of Liberty Radio took me to Right Wing Watch. That site, while looking for their sponsors took me to People for the American Way. They claim as you do that their liberal progressive. And I believe you and stand corrected, though the link from right-wing to left progressive is the nexus I'm very confused over. Thank you for pointing that out. Having worked for Norman I know his political views and couldn't agree more with them. DG

  • Huh? People for the American Way ARE liberal & progressive. Founded by Norman Lear, they have a rich history of supporting progressive causes.

    How do you figure they're the opposite?