Happy Wedding And I Hope You Die


Simpsons gay marriage

Damn those LGBT’ers. Those fascists. Them and their pink mafia. They’re an abomination and we have to do something about it before they totally take over and make us all… gay slaves.

Fortunately, James Nichols on HuffPo Gay Voices got ahold of some pretty eye-opening coverage of Pastor Kevin Swanson's latest remarks.


...Here is my advice for all Christians considering attending same-sex nuptials: hold up a sign informing the happy couple that they are an abomination and "should be put to death."

I’m not sure that Pastor Swanson goes far enough. Personally I think they should be publicly stripped naked and vivisected to make examples out of what these monsters have been doing to our Christian society. You don’t mock God and get away with it.

Here’s the oratory straight from Swanson’s mouth. It couldn’t be any clearer.

Lest you feel his words here aren't enough, remember this good, holy man of God has shouted out long and strong to us for our protections. He’s not just a “Johnny Come Lately.”

Following the repeal of the Boy Scouts' ban on gay youth members, the pastor stated that the move would lead to scouts receiving merit badges for cannibalism and sodomy. Earlier this year, Swanson claimed that the legalization of gay marriage would prompt gays to burn Christians at the stake.

And who can forget when the right-wing pundit insinuated that gay people caused Hurricane Sandy, or claimed that 'Star Trek Into Darkness" promotes bestiality?

Become active. Get your Leviticus 20.13 paraphernalia for the next gay wedding you get invited to. And bring clubs and knives to “send off” the happy newlyweds into the land of hell, where they belong. To paraphrase an old adage, “The only good gay, is a dead gay.”

… Or is it the only good loud-mouthed fanatic is a heavily medicated, muted fanatic?”