This Story is Dread-full


Deborah Brown school

What is wrong with you haters? Don’t you know that schools, especially ones like the Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa Oklahoma have rules. It’s about time they’re enforced. It seems like there’s always one bad apple in the bunch who tries to take advantage of the system, violate the regulations, then make the community pay for their scofflaw attitude. It’s just not right.  And Tulsa Channel 23, a Fox affiliate has the story.

The Brown Community School was just minding its business when one of the administrative staff noticed that a seven year old student, Tiana Parker was flagrantly flaunting the school’s rules. She knows better. She’s seven years old and has been at this school for a few years.

You’d never catch a school administrator breaking the rules:

School’s policy against “faddish” hair — “such as dreadlocks, afros, mohawks.” 

School PrincipalPrincipal Deborah Brown sporting a 'fro

For whatever reason, this disruptive straight-A student, Tiana Parker was just throwing the school handbook in their faces. She knowingly and intentionally broke the school's dress code. (You'd never catch a school administrator doing that). Not with inappropriate attire. She attempted to start a riot by breaking the hair-style rules. She clearly violated the institutions bylaws. Let's face it. She's a trouble maker.

We know for a fact that Tiana was fully aware of this rule because she wore dreadlocks last year and nothing happened to her. Her taunting stunt this year got her an immediate boot from the school. Good for Deborah Brown Community School. I wouldn't take any guff from some snotty-nosed, little seven year old punk kid. You've got to teach ‘em young if you’re ever going to get through to these rabble-rousers.

So what do you do when you get caught breaking the rules that are made for everyone but you? If you're a crybaby, you go to your daddy and get the press and make a big stink. And that’s exactly what these two hardened rule breakers did. Check it out:

How dare this little brat and her irresponsible hair-stylist dad unreasonably, intentionally, willfully try to embarrass a fine educational institution because they think the rules don’t apply to them. This just makes me so mad.

I say, when you allow fads into your school, the next thing you know, there are drugs, then gangs, followed by guns, and then who knows what – it could lead to the ruination of the city of Tulsa-- that starts with “T” which rhymes with “P” which stands for pool (You MUSIC MAN fans out there know what I mean.)

Join me in saying, “Bravo” to this school. They know instantly kicking a child out of class with no warning is how to build self-esteem and confident minds and sound bodies. It might be tough love, but rules are rules – and we all know that dreads are a gateway style, they’re a fad, and that’s BAD.