Ron Paul and Alex Wagner in Dust-up Over Paul’s Addressing Anti-Semitic Group


Alex Wagner, Ron Paul

Ron Paul may be out of public office, but he’s not out of harebrained schemes. He’s decided to go out and promote his new pay-per-view Internet television network. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

But it’s where he goes for his support that has raised a lot of eyebrows, especially Alex Wagner’s over at MSNBC. Her inquiry into why Dr. Paul would go and speak to a group called the Fatima Center in Canada that preaches it’s the churches duty to preach anti-Semitic teachings. They feel it’s incumbent upon them to preach that it's Satan’s plans to grant full citizenship to Jews.

To this Dr. Paul just says… well, listen for yourself:

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There’s no doubt Ron Paul has had lots of supporters. Maybe now we can see through his veneer and into the real Ron Paul, and perhaps Rand Paul mystique.