Video- Bill Nye the Science Guy to appear on 'Dancing With the Stars'



I laughed when I first read this, then I remembered a video from a while back of Nye at an after conference party. Looks like a punk baby to me.

He's got energy, and he knows how to do a choreographed dance. Got Bristol beat all to pieces already.

Bill Nye has a message for anyone who thinks he'll be easy to beat on the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars": He's The Science Guy, not Mr. Nice Guy.

"We're in this to win this," Nye said. "I mean, I went to a pretty tough engineering school and then I worked in children's television with 'Sesame Street' and 'Mr. Rogers.' I played in that league."

Besides, Nye said his scientific expertise is going to give him a leg up on his less scientifically methodical competition.

And, at least according to his professional partner, newcomer to the show Tyne Stecklein, it's not all just talk.

"He's a great student. He's very smart, obviously, which helps," Stecklein said. "He picks things up really quickly and he gets it and he enjoys it. And he works really hard."


  • galileo126

    Bill is actually quite a dancer (we're friends, BTW). He took ballroom dancing classes, where he met one of his (former) girlfriends. I can't wait to see him cut up the rug!

  • Linda1961

    It should be an interesting season. Not just Bill Nye, but all the contestants seem far more interesting than Bristol Palin. I can forgive a bad dancer if they are entertaining, but poor Bristol has no personality, unless you count being a whiner.

  • Sally

    Go Bill. Maybe we can get some facts out there about global warming while you;re there!