Video- Ann Coulter: Syria Shows 'You Cannot Trust Democrats to Be Commander-in-Chief'


It's all about Obama, totally ignoring the massacre and the real villains. Sigh. Via.

  • bpollen

    Skeletor the Harpy speaks! And disgorges bile all over all those who aren't of her tribe. Anytime she is in public, you know essentially what she is going to do. The only mystery is just WHAT offensive vomitus she chooses to spew.

    I've just taken a creative-writing course and...

  • Although I cannot believe it, I watched Coulter on Fox - just for you. It was painful and now I have to find the bleach and ice icepicks for my eardrums. I don't think we should engage Syria, but for her to degrade our President for asking Congressional approval (as he should) is ridiculous and only displays her contempt for Obama regardless of any action he may take. She is the most hateful person I've ever heard speak.

  • RepublicanSwine

    ROFL .. As opposed to the Genius that was Bush / Cheney. Amazing. Ann Coulter on Fox & Fiends = 4x the Stupid.