Rafael Cruz Could Be Doing Time In The Big House, Not The White House


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Ted Cruz has made no secret about his land of birth -- Canada. Well, he hasn't kept it a secret lately.

A few weeks back, he released his Canadian birth certificate.  He was born to dual-citizenship, something he knew from childhood. Something he repressed for years, and even thought that closing his eyes would make it go away. But his land of birth really isn't what makes his character. How he acts and what he does is the way to judge a (wo)man.

My problems are with his politics, not his citizenship. Character is the important issue.

So why has he not only hidden the fact that he has dual citizenship with Canada, but he's committed perjury while doing so? It seems that Rafael 'Ted' Cruz has lied on US federal forms. That's a federal crime, BTW.

Prior to entering the Senate, Cruz had a legal career that included stints as the director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Office of Policy Planning and as an associate deputy attorney general in the Justice Department. Both government department's applications include questions about an individual's background.


Peter Kaplan, a spokesperson for the FTC, told TPM on Tuesday that the heads of offices at the agency undergo background checks through the Office of Personnel Management. The OPM has standard forms they use “government-wide for various employment and benefits program purposes.” On the OPM’s list of standard forms there are three questionnaires for jobs of various sensitivity; “national security positions,” “public trust positions,” and “non-sensitive positions.” All three of these questionnaires contain detailed sections on citizenship that ask applicants their “place of birth” and whether they have ever held “dual citizenship.”

Archived versions of the OPM website show these questions were included on all three questionnaires when Cruz first worked at the DOJ in 2001 and when he moved to the FTC later that year.

It seems that calls to Senator Cruz' office have not been returned requesting a comment on this. He has stated publicly a few weeks ago that he was going to renounce his Canadian citizenship which could take 8 months to complete. So this becomes a fun game of
"What did he know and when did he know it."

If Rafeal is to be taken at his word that he only recently found out that he was a dual citizen, this Harvard educated lawyer must be quite a simpleton. He would have and should have known just by being born in Canada that he was part Canadian by birth. To have gone all these years and not looked into it? I find that hard to believe. This man is known for being detail orientated -- impressive in his appearances as a lawyer in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Usually sidewalk shysters don't get to Washington to plead cases in front of SCOTUS.

So, either Rafael Cruz is: A - lying, B - stupid, C - eats Wheaties for breakfast,  or D - all of the above. Though I'd like to go with D, I have a feeling that Raffy's been planning this presidential move for a while and he's just gotten caught with his pants down -- leaving A as the most likely answer.

Federal Prisons

Oh, if he did lie, it's a federal crime. He might be looking at 4 -8 years, but in the 'big house', not the White House.

  • Sally

    I don't know. The TPers are pretty adamant about "Americans like me." In otehr words, white and native born. Cruz is neither really. I don't think he's going anywhere beyond where he is. He's made a mockery of the Senate with his idiotic IRS 'scandal,' and everything else. For a 'smart guy,' he's actually quite dull.

  • Fatoldguy

    And hypocrites.

  • billy jack gisher

    If Teddy goes way downtown the nutty voters who put him in office who everyone overlooks will send another seemingly cracked but mostly manipulative jerk to take his place.

  • juandos

    This is hilarity at its worst...

    Factless whining - pure entertainment...

  • Linda1961

    I vote for "A."

    To be honest, I think that if the birthers hadn't made such a big deal about President Obama's birthplace, most likely no one would care about Cruz' birthplace. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, but the birthers couldn't stand a black man being president, so tried to make everyone believe he was born in Kenya. The birthers love Cruz, well, most of them, which makes this all delicious karma.

  • Kevin byDesign

    Teaparty & Birthers step up to the plate: Here, with Ted Cruz, is a clear case of EVERYTHING you claim against Obama in "Black & White". We are waiting for you to Hit him out of the political park.....Unless you don't stand for your convictions? Then we can assume you were just racist all this time...

  • David G

    Boy, you and Jack both nailed that. Especially hard to believe coming from a Harvard educated attorney.

  • Jack Boardman

    Uh-Oh! Heh, heh.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Ha ... I love these Clowns that "weren't aware." Sure! Just like every prisoner claims they're innocent => Cruz!