Say My Name! We Will, But With 'Damn You' In Front Of It


hello my name is

Sometimes you need volumes and volumes of pages, books, charts, graphics videos, pictures and documents to get your point across. Especially when it's something the least bit scientific.

Other times, a little bit of humor and a visual presentation will lighten the load.

Take climate control and global warming. There are those who think soon we're going to take a step outside and we're going to burn up, spontaneous combustion. Others are climate change deniers who think this is all just part of the natural cycle. No problem. It'll go away on its own. Earth's been here 4.54 billion years if you're a scientist, just under 6,000 years if you're a bible thumper, more often referred to as a new earth believer.

Well, old and new, scientific and bible quoting, here's a fun little video that may make believers out of you yet -- or at least out of our elected officials. They love to see their names in the press. Well, we've got an app for that. Check it out: