Congressional Suicide -- Bye, Bye GOP


Congressional debate

Where does a moral obligation stack up to US interference in another nation's civil unrest?

Who are we to tip the scales?

Does the use (assuming it is provable) of chemical warfare make a Syria attack justified for America?

Reacting with our military is a vague interpretation of the War Powers Act. There's the most nebulous and tenuous link to our national security with the actions within the Syrian borders as it relates to the US. You really need a "liberal" interpretation to justify such actions.

But morally, can we just stand by and say nothing? Do nothing? Turn the other cheek along with a blind eye to our fellow man? The Syrians are our bothers and sisters, sons and daughters. Can we really live with ourselves if we do nothing?

There are international rules of engagement signed in Sanremo, Italy in 2009, where chemical warfare is banned. It backs the Geneva International Convertions on War from 1949.

Chemical weapons: An Absolute prohibition under international humanitarian law.

So, in another seemingly political GOP move, the president's stated intentions to retaliate against Syria has draw broad criticism, especially from the Tea Party right wing of the Republican party. They demand consultation. And now, in what might be seen as a King Solomon move, Obama is giving Congress the rope to hang themselves.

broken congress

Why? Because they deserve it. They are so factious that the Republican party is about to destroy itself from within. This will be nearly as deadly a war effort as the gassing by Assad. Boehner is caught in the middle with his d**k in his hand. If the House supports Obama, the right will go batsh** and primary every congressperson who supports the president.

If the grand old party don't support the president's proposed actions, they seem weak in the face of the public, and their reputation as being strong in defense will take a huge hit.

The worst thing they can do is seem to support the president. Backing his request to attack in some limited way would be perceived as doing just that.  They're damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

stake through vampire

Obama couldn't ask for a better wedge to drive between the GOP and into their hearts at the same time. Those blood suckers are about to get the punishment they deserve for jerking us around.

This debate, whenever it happens (supposedly around September 9th) might be the most exciting must-see TV since Jack Bauer in 24 or Martin Sheen in The West Wing.

Ultimately, Obama will act as he wants -- which will be taking the moral road. But by the time Congress gets through, they'll surely be destroyed. There won't be a safe Republican seat in the House. As for the Senate, they're going to give Obama what he asks for. It will be close, but its decisions like this that we elected Obama to  make. If you take away the president's powers to authorize strikes in our national interest, the next president will be powerless. Wishful thinking Republicans don't want that to happen to their next president.

If George W. Bush weren't an un-indicted war criminal for lying to justify Iraq's war, we wouldn't even be having this upcoming debate. Obama would have acted already. He would have had Great Britain at his side and other countries as well. We're still paying the price for Republican lying. Now it's going to come back and destroy them. Funny how what goes around, comes around.

You reap what you sew. And Obama shrewdly, in turning this mess over to Congress, has just signed their death warrants.

In order to seemingly exert their efforts to discredit the president, the Republicans have forced Obama's hand, and that may come back to bite them. They may have actually destroyed their own party while trying to take down the duly elected president. The old and certainly tired adage of "beware what you ask for because you may get it" is now heaped on the Republicans.

They didn't want Obama to have the right to make a moral judgement and unilaterally take action on the horrific acts of Assad in Syria, gassing his own people in a genocide similar to Saddam Hussein's in Iraq and not falling too far short of the atrocities of Hitler gassing millions. Forget the comparisons by numbers. Genocide is genocide.

Get ready for CSI Washington -Congressional Suicide Infighting. Coming September 9th to Capitol Hill and a TV screen near you.

  • differentdrummer

    Please, let's not abuse the G-word. Assad's actions against his own people are heinous enough without inaccurately calling them genocide. And for the love of $DEITY, lost me at Hitler.