VIDEO: Bobby Jindal and disrespect for transgender people all in one Sunday. Somebody talk me down.



It's time for Blood Pressure Crisis Sunday! Today's blood pressure crisis was brought on by a Meet the Press (surprise!) segment with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and a subsequent and unrelated MSNBC interview with a member of the military.

Frankly, I can't bring myself to re-watch the Jindal interview, so I'll post it without the usual transcript excerpts. If you can make it through the entire thing, you'll see why I was so exasperated:

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In short, Jindal did nothing but lie and exhibit his usual hypocrisy. He was asked a direct question about the state of the Republican party, but he refused to respond, instead going off on his usual "privatize and de-unionize" education speechifying, couching his argument in gauzier terms that the non-political junkie might misinterpret in his favor. His idea of the American Dream is a countrywide enforcement of the bigotry and corporate goals of the GOP-- or as he called it "the stupid party."

He also blamed President Obama for wanting to shut down the government. Seriously.

And said we have a deficit problem. Seriously.

chart maddow budget deficit 2013 shrinkingMemo to GOP: Federal deficit shrinking at surprising rate, long-term debt stabilized for next decade 

And in a Politico op-ed today, Jindal blamed racial inequality on minorities being too proud of their heritages

Did I mention that phony, self-serving, privatization-happy, voucher-school-loving creationist Bobby Jindal now most unpopular GOP governor in U.S.? Great choice of spokesperson, GOP. Way to go.

Following Meet the Press was Weekends with Alex Witt sans Alex Witt (I can't find the video). The host interviewed a member of the military (apologies for not catching his name, rank, and serial number, but I was listening from another room and popped in only long enough to scream at the Tee Vee Machine). They were discussing Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) who was just sentenced to 35 years in prison and announced his intention to transition from male to female.

Putting aside the arguments over whether the military prison in Fort Leavenworth should accommodate her for now, I was struck by the blatant insensitivity and apparent bigotry of the guest. His attitude screamed, "Manning casually decided to be a girl on a whim, tough luck freak, now enjoy your time in the slammer."

No, "sir," actually Manning has long struggled with gender identity, identifies as female, and has "felt that way since childhood."

How about respecting that instead of belittling and willfully making false assumptions, "sir"? Even if he broke the law, he's still a human being. How about educating yourself instead of perpetuating ignorance and misinformation, "sir"?

The increasingly deteriorating discourse and dearth of challenges to what passes for informed commentary fed to viewing and listening audiences are not only infuriating, they're scary... and they are harmful to democracy.

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  • "Upset you ladies." Condescending much? Assume much? I'm deleting this last comment and you are out of here. Banned.

  • Mark

    No, not a troll. I just like the site and enjoy debating. I did violate the boundaries here and upset you ladies so again, for that I am sorry.

  • Paddy

    Dude, give it a rest. You are an incredibly annoying troll. Accept your destiny.

  • Mark

    Using "Creationist" and associating Jindal with believing the view that slavery was "just another choice" pretty much means to me you think he is nuts in my book. I can't say I disagree with you...let's be clear, but your post is a bit of a character assassination of the man and I didn't think it was fully warranted. On vouchers his policy is dumb but since Louisiana had such terrible public school test scores he got away with it.

    We can use fallacies in many subtle ways. President Obama used to go to church where Reverend Wright preached in Chicago. Reverend Wright had a famous sermon he titled "God Damn America." President Obama thinks we should Damn America too. Isn't this what you just did to Jindal? Or do you seriously think Jindal believes slavery was good? if you do...Laffy I don't know if that is fair Progressive site or not?

    His environmental record is above average for a Republican. That was all I meant. Considering where he is governor (in oil country), he deserves a shred of slack. Louisiana has thousands of poor and middle class blue collar folks who work in the oil industry. He can't necessarily ignore that.

    I didn't realize you would prefer not to debate the posts. I find that curious, but its your site so that is your prerogative. I have been here for a week so the current protocols weren't apparent to me. I sincerely apologize (my goal was not to aggravate you I just like to debate...I really, really am sorry).

    Just so I am clear. You have told me to "start my own blog page" "shorten up my posts" and now I cannot debate with you. I get it. Go away. I do enjoy discourse, researching, and yes...arguing. Maybe that creates more work, or maybe it just doesn't sit well with you. Don't worry, I will grant your wish...I'll go away. And again, I am sorry for bringing a different perspective to the table in a civilized, open exchange of ideas. It annoyed you obviously. Good luck with the site and if I can get around to it I'll even leave a donation. Try a little bit more balance if its possible and maybe welcome a dissenting view or two. Might pick up traffic on the site.

  • Your wording, verbatim: "he is a rare Environmentalist in Republican clothes." My response, verbatim: "As for his being an 'environmentalist'... are you kidding me?"

    And you have yet to show me where I said he was nuts.


    And why should there be balance in the discussion? Of course I eviscerated him twice... and I'll likely do it more often if he keeps going on TV making a lying fool of himself.

    This is a progressive blog with a progressive bias where we write progressive opinions. The guy is a die hard conservative and a hypocrite, not to mention a failure as a governor. I stand by every word I wrote.

    Seriously, Mark, I don't have time for these debates. I told you that up front. If you disagree with me, fine, but for you to tell me I misread your "He is a rare environmentalist" remark, even though I quoted it back to you is a stretch.

    Please feel free to have all the debates you want with any of our Commenters or any of our bloggers who have the time, but sadly, I just don't.

  • Mark

    SInce I can only write in snippets here, I wasn't allowed to quantify why I give Jindal more credit for his record on the environment than you do. But if you looked at my wording I wasn't exactly calling him Rachel Carson. For a Republican in the biggest oil state (outside of Texas) in the nation, where a majority of oil refining takes place, he is not bad. Remember that in the aftermath of the BP spill he pissed off his own party by going after those responsible for the spill (even if that was just pandering).

    You've eviscerated him twice in the last week, and while he deserves criticism he bio isn't entirely bad. Yes, this is a Progressive site I know that...but some of his actual accomplishments are worth noting.

    Brookings, the number one think tank (left-leaning) in the World, gives Louisiana high marks for its turn around despite an oil spill and major hurricane. Does Jindal get any credit for that? A little balance in the discussion is all.

  • They can't challenge these guys, or they'd have no one willing to come on their shows. Many years ago, Papa Russert was on, I think, Jay Leno, and said just that. It was the moment I stopped watching any of them.

  • I never once implied he was nuts. Show me where I did that. You can disagree, but don't put words in my mouth, especially ones I hadn't come up with on my own.

    And yes I was harsh. That's what I do. He deserves nothing but what I gave him.

    He is no moderate. Do your homework. He is an extremist, a creationist, everything I said, and I've documented all of it in past posts. Go click on the tag and you can read them.

    As for his being an "enviromentalist"... are you kidding me? Here's a good recap:

    Need more? Here's his record:

    Honestly, Mark...

  • Mark

    Your overall assertion of Jindal is pretty harsh. I think his ideas about school choice ultimately don't hold water (research shows that private vouchers still gets you substandard services if you are poor) and yeah, he'd love to de-unionize us all. But this is not some radical right winger here. He is fairly moderate in today's G.O.P. Economically, his views line-up quite directly with how most Asian immigrants view issues (which is cultural and not necessarily craziness)...disagree sure but lets not insinuate he is nuts. Politicians all have to play multiple games with their base, the press, and their direct constituents, and some of the ones Jindal has played have pushed him to the fringe of his own party because he isn't extreme enough. Your assertion that he represents the G.O.P. are long pas the expiration date...they cast him off like a bad case of fleas and now he is desperately trying to recapture his star power with little support from the powers that be. Through bungled national speeches and some rather "moderate" or clueless policies Jindal has no chance to get the nomination. I think we can both agree thank God for that. But he is also an example of the American Dream, and has given women, minorities, and yes...other Democrats plenty of authority during his governorship (bipartisanship). There is some good to be had there as well, including the fact that he is a rare Environmentalist in Republican clothes, and also supports guaranteed medical coverage with anyone having a pre-existing condition. I also think he is a fairly decent guy if not a little wacked out by his conversion to Christianity. I offer those views respectfully.

  • Unae

    So many lies coming from this Christian.