Russian President Vladimir Putin bans rallies and demonstrations during Winter Olympics


being gay in russia

I wonder if Pooty-Poot is secretly gay, because he sure doth protesteth way too mucheth.

Oh but I kid President Bigotin. He's actually just a small-minded, mean-spirited, homophobic relic. And he's reinforcing that image by banning all rallies and demonstrations during the Winter Olympics that dare to protest his disgusting anti-gay laws.

Well, to be more precise, he's banning any that take place between January and March. The Olympics are in February.

The Hill:

The Russian government newspaper on Friday published a Putin decree prohibiting “gatherings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets” in Sochi between Jan. 7 and March 21.

May there be a sea of rainbow colors be telecast and clearly visible for the world to see during every second of every Olympics activity. And may every gay athlete take home a medal.