Leave It To Maddow


Rachel Maddow

Can you stand two and a half minutes of cringe-worthy?

Yesterday Rachel M spent the day in North Carolina, reporting on the great GOP assault on voter's rights. Seems this well orchestrated attack has just finished lining up all of it's ducks in a row and they're about to bring down the assault. If ever there was a case of the crazies running the asylum, this is it. Tea-party insanity on the loose. If the GOP tea party were a bag of nuts, they'd all roll downhill to the lowest spot on the continent. Seems the Tar Heels state has taken that mantle.

Rachel Maddow has been covering the Republican master plan to take over the human race by controlling who and when we get to vote. North Carolina isn't the first state to make a move to create voter suppression, but the Tar Heels have made an art of it. This is a plot to take over our thinking, our lives, our freedoms, not just our votes. Make no mistake about that. The word "conspiracy" was created for occasions such as these.

No one does a better job of explaining it, so  here's Rachel, in case you missed her:

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