Christie - Between A Rock And A Hard Place



We've probably all been called upon over the years to make some sort of toast, or speech or even give our recommendation to someone who we didn't exactly feel deserved the praise. We sucked it up and made the endorsement with our noses pinched shut. But most likely there wasn't any harm in saying the nice, kind, carefully chosen words because it was a gesture, not a ringing endorsement. You most likely found something you have in common with the person receiving your kudos and focused on that.

Well, Governor Chris Christie watched his Pinocchio nose shoot into oversize when he was called upon to give Steve Lonegan, the New Jersey candidate for the senate, an endorsement. BTW, this is the same Steve Lonegan that Christie ran against in 2008 and lambasted over and over again as unworthy, outrageous and out of touch. Hmm. Now he's got Christie's endorsements.

Makes you wonder if Christie vetoed gay conversion therapy but secretly signed a bill making party conversion politics therapy, valid. First success story is Christie -- he doesn't believe a word of what he's saying.

Don't Believe A Word I Say

There was no way for Christie to avoid a tainting on this one. If he didn't give an endorsement, his Republican party opponents for the 2016 run would say he wasn't strong enough to come out in favor of their party's nominee. He lacks GOP conviction.

And if he came out with an endorsement, it would be used against him by everyone who doesn't agree with what Lonegan stands for. So what do Lonegan, and by default Christie, stand for? Watch this fine Lawrence O'Donnell segment from The Last Word.

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No Hurricane Sandy aid, no compassion or health insurance for pre-existing conditions, (cancer -- Lonegan: "not my problem"), anti-choice, anti-planned parenthood, anti-marriage equality, and anti-family leave, and anti gun control. There's your check-list. This is what both men stand for -- one is going to lose, the other is going to win. And by large margins. So what do you make of the fickle state of New Jersey?

Christie has taken more than one hit on his size, and perhaps that's unfair. But surely, if the good governor could drop everything he's doing to go to his son's high school baseball team, there must have been some other pressing state matter that could have called him away so he didn't have to make the clown of himself that he did with his endorsement.

So now you have to ask yourself, would you have done this, or if you were going to lie anyway, couldn't you have fabricated an excuse not to be available for this lie-fest?

Sadly, Christie is so far ahead in the polls in NJ, it won't hurt him in his governor's race. But when it comes time for the GOP primaries, you know the name Lonegan and the governor's endorsement will come up many a times. He's in that purgatory -- he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't (support Steve Lonegan) -- with the gift that will keep on giving.