Video- Fox News' Steve Doocy: "The Science Is Not Settled" On Global Warming


Yeah, after all, only 95% of scientists agree. Via MM.

  • Mark

    We should not ignore Global Warming. We should continue to use whatever resources we have to explore anything that can FEASIBLY replace fossil fuels. We should realize that whatever inaccuracies the scientific community commits the overall picture is concerning. We need to encourage Oil Companies to shift operations to more research and development and less drilling and fracking by any means necessary (they must be part of the solution due to their economic muscle). We need to offer financial incentives on a global scale for creative minds to develop solutions.

    If the science community is wrong, and we are not causing this, it doesn't matter. But if the scientific community is right, we need solutions that are feasible and immediate. I'd like to see the U.S., at the very least, grow some moral turpitude and stop shipping 3 billion tons of coal to foreign countries. I'd like to see more competing fuels and infrastructure to support those choices. Yeah, oil isn't going away any time soon, but if one of these other choices were to catch on because we gave consumers the choice you never know.

  • padruig

    if you want to start a conversation with a "denier" about global warming, start by asking when they believe that global warming was first mentioned in the science journals. (They will likely pick a date sometime in the 1970's or 1980's.) You may point out to them that the first journal article ever written about the potential effects of CO2 on our planet was published in 1861, its author, physicist John Tyndall asks out loud in the paper if CO2 is responsible for the "mutations" that have been observed in the geologic record. At that time geologists were seeing evidence of glacial ages upon our planet.

    The next question you may ask the "denier" is if they had ever heard the statement that if you "double the CO2, that the earths temperature would rise between 2 and 4 degrees C" ... A common enough statement but most people do not realize that it was made in a journal article published in 1896 by Norwegian physicist Svante Arrhenius. Titled "On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground" Arrhenius creates the first EBM or energy balance model of our planet.

    So to paraphrase from one of my favorite science fiction films, global warming is "as old as the animal arrogance which chooses to ignore it"