Cruz'in For A Bruisin'


Ted Cruz Canada

Politically or intellectually, Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz is quite savvy. He rose from total obscurity on the public level to being what Chris Hayes classifies as the most dangerous Republican in the world, all in the blink of an eye.

He's got some obstacles to overcome in his race for the White House but he's taking them one at a time. There's his citizenship problem. That'll be relatively easy to clear up -- but make no mistake, he hasn't yet filed the paperwork and it'll take a $100 filing fee, a four page document to be filled out and a waiting period for the Canadian Immigration department to act on it. That could take between 4 weeks to 9 months. But it's all pro-forma.  Standard stuff. But until that has been completed, he's still a dual citizen.

But the larger problem for Cruz is also foreign -- the truth. He's alien to that concept and lately has become more and more estranged from it. Two issues that are commonly, if not almost exclusively discussed by the junior senator are the inflammatory bombastic attacks he's made on two fronts -- Obamacare and impeaching Obama.

Cruz's choice is to inflame the "unwashed" with rhetoric-filled lies and purposeful misleads -- Tea Party politics 101.  This is easily corrected, but if the truth be told, it will totally take away any reason to vote for the populist Texan.

Nicole Wallace, on Morning Joe, has addressed both of the aforementioned lies Rafael has been spreading-- Obamacare can be defunded and Obama can be impeached.

We know the lies, but now lets hear the truth.

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Pandering to the audience is the red meat of Republican right-wing tactics. Sadly, there's an ignorant group of followers that comprise this faction of the Republican party. It's really a very small portion of the whole, but somehow they've taken over. The GOP has seded control of their future to these miscreants.

What the GOP needs is a true message. They've got a lot of messengers, but no consistency in what their view is for the future. They're devoid of concrete plans. They choose instead to re-litigate and re-argue lost battles. What is their plan for the future?

Sadly, they don't have one, and that's why they're losing. The party of "NO" should become the party of "Here's What We're Going To Do," but their collective brain trust is stymied. And the reason they listen to Cruz and his lies is the same reason that the tea party exists. The GOP is devoid of vision and visionaries.