Video- Al Jazeera America Calls Out O'Reilly, Sharpton in First 5 Minutes on the Air




Joel Pett

  • Mark

    I have no idea if Al Jazeera America is going to try and be more objective, but compared to Sharpton Marion, I don't think it could be much worse unless you tuned into Fox. Sharpton has helped thousands of people with his advocacy but also destroyed many innocent people in the process of keeping himself "relevant."

    Sharpton is a demagogue. You get his version and MSNBC's version of events without any perspective. It doesn't mean it is incorrect, but it isn't intellectually honest. Very little of mainstream media is when talking heads just shout down the token resistance that is brought aboard for appearances sake. I offer that opinion respectfully...not to bait you.

  • I watch Al Sharpton daily and think he is doing more for the nation and people than many journalists and activists.

  • mrsgunka

    Let the games begin!