Poll-itics: La. Gov. Bobby Jindal now most unpopular GOP governor in U.S.



Three years ago, Ba-ba-ba-Bobby Jindal (follow that link, the video is worth it) was the most popular governor in the country. Then back in April, Jindal’s approvals took a dive; nearly half gave him a failing grade.

Now it's August, and Taegan reports that he's sinking like a stone:

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows he's now the most unpopular Republican governor in the country and the second most unpopular governor overall.

Just 28% of voters now approve of Jindal to 59% who disapprove. That's an 11 point decline in his net approval just since February.

See what happens when you're a phony, self-serving, privatization-happy, voucher-school-loving creationist?

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  • Mark

    Sorry..didn't see the request. I like the site and just wanted to add what I knew. Obviously I wouldn't know a short response if it smacked me in the butt so I'll try to shorten up. I am trying to be dignified an respectful so I hope I didn't ruffle any feathers.

  • Mark, I linked back to my post that includes more info, including about taxes. I don't include all info from all my previous posts in each new post. I link back to articles or previous writings so that readers can click on them.

    Our general style is to offer quips, snark, and quick commentary with links to more detailed articles.

    If you want lengthy commentary and analysis, wonky responses. and fewer "limited conclusions" then you need to find a site that provides that for you.

    And I've asked you to please keep your own commentary shorter, but you may have missed that. As I said in that comment to you, you'd do well to start your own blog if you have a lot to say, which you do! : )

  • Mark

    I see this post here as being a bit limited in its conclusion to why Jindal has tanked in his own state. If I may I'll add some additional info.

    You equate, automatically, that Jindal's numbers have tanked because the citizens of Louisiana are fed up with his conservative policies. That is not entirely incorrect. But the big blow more than likely was his plan to eliminate the income tax entirely and increase the sales tax dramatically (tax consumption not income) by more than 50%. This upsets the poor because consumption taxes are often sitting as hitting them the worst (especially on things like smokes and booze). Conservatives (wink, wink) were furious because tax loopholes would have to be closed to make up for the shortfall. Closing tax loopholes might sound cute and edgy but most traditional tax payers don't appreciate it.

    Now we can agree/disagree on shelving the income tax...but for savers and frugal people of any social class this is not a policy that would anger you...this is actually something you would appreciate. Remember, taxing income only has a 100 year history in this country and America seemed to get along just fine without one until the century of warfare started.

    What the article lacks here also is this factor: citizens from both sides of the aisle are fed up with Jindal appearing to be more concerned with squeezing into the national picture for 2016 at the expense of dealing with the problems of Louisiana. This is not a conservative or liberal failure. This is just plain selfishness, a behavior that crosses political lines quite easily. If you remember Mitt Romney from 2006, he basically got laughed out of Boston and chose not to run for re-election. At that time he started suddenly shifting his more liberal "accommodations" to get back in line with the Conservatives...which doomed him from his own constituents. I think Jindal is smoking something if he thinks this is going to work, but you watch in the next few months he'll tour the state trying to gin up his numbers. Political expediency at its best.

  • Frances R

    Things got bad enough for people to wake up.