Poll-itics: La. Gov. Bobby Jindal now most unpopular GOP governor in U.S.



Three years ago, Ba-ba-ba-Bobby Jindal (follow that link, the video is worth it) was the most popular governor in the country. Then back in April, Jindal’s approvals took a dive; nearly half gave him a failing grade.

Now it's August, and Taegan reports that he's sinking like a stone:

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows he's now the most unpopular Republican governor in the country and the second most unpopular governor overall.

Just 28% of voters now approve of Jindal to 59% who disapprove. That's an 11 point decline in his net approval just since February.

See what happens when you're a phony, self-serving, privatization-happy, voucher-school-loving creationist?