Feed A Cold, Starve the People



Those Republicans are at it again. They don't have time for a jobs bill. They can't be bothered with immigration reform. They don't care about our crumbling infrastructure. What's the pressing issue they can't wait to get their hands on? It's SNAP -- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

A Republican proposal to cut food stamp spending by 5 percent would eliminate benefits for as many as 6 million Americans, according to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal D.C. think tank.


They just don't get it. Many people on food stamps do work -- but they don't make enough on current minimum wage to rise above the poverty level and thus qualify for assistance. And who's fault it that? The Republicans. They refuse to vote on raising the minimum wage to a livable amount.

No matter how many times economists show them that raising the minimum wage increases productivity, these thick-headed morons refuse to listen. Instead, they unsparingly propose harmful cuts. Regardless of who they are hurting: Children, the elderly, and people who don't get 4 months of paid vacation a year, like Congress.

"House Republican leaders haven’t formally released the language of their plan, but the information they have made available makes clear that the proposal will be very harsh, denying SNAP to at least four million to six million low-income people, including some of the nation’s poorest adults, as well as many low-income children, seniors, and families that work for low wages," the CBPP's Dottie Rosenbaum, Stacy Dean, and Robert Greenstein said in a report published Monday.

Back in June, a proposal to cut SNAP (Food Stamps) funding by 20 billion dollars was voted down.

Scissor cut


What is wrong with Boehner and his vigilante posse? Are they so callous they want to refuse to give us jobs and then watch us starve, writhing in a slow death, watching our families perish and making us dig their graves, assuming we have enough strength?

The Romans thought Caligula was a demon and barbaric. They intentionally looked the other way when he was jumped by the Senate and stabbed to death. What do we have in store for Speaker Boehner and his gang when they come back. I hope it's our votes and our voices to shout them down and rip them apart by taking away the thing they cherish most -- their seats on Capitol Hill. To them it's the gift that keeps on giving. And if they don't start giving back, wait until they walk among us.

Earplugs may not be enough to drown out our dissatisfaction. Disruptive town halls during August showed that. Our voices are raised and we're going to be heard. Tread on us and we'll tread on you. Don't be surprised if we go a little "mashed potato" on your behinds.

  • Mark

    Republicans are so off base on complaining about this...it demonstrates and "out of touchness" with a huge chunk of Americas of all persuasions. Fine...we know that the program may have some abuse or waste in it. Who cares. We have bigger fish to fry.
    No budgetarian in their right mind would look at our yearly pie and some future projections and say Food Stamps brought us to ruin!!!

    I do think it is worth mentioning that we Americans take for granted the fact that food is plentiful and CHEAP (for the most part) here in our country---but that decisions our government makes from a monetary perspective often cause food prices in other parts of the world to SKYROCKET. Our government subsidies for Ethanol and for farmers to grow corn have create the perverse effect of driving those commodities prices higher. And the endless printing of our currency drives up inflation around the world where the dollar is still used as a modicum of trade. This is one reason embracing fiscal sanity (like how about cutting the defense budget) in reasonable ways is not only rational but also a MORAL imperative. In all our bickering about feeding people here and what it costs we often find it convenient to consider what our policy decisions do for hungry people around the world.