Dear Neighbor, Euthanize Your Son, He's Making Too Much Noise


Karla Begley

Karla Begley, who lives just outside Toronto, Canada with her husband and two sons, received a startling letter recently. It was so shocking she couldn't help but break into tears. And you may too when you see the contents. It's tough enough that she must endure the challenges of raising two children. One of them, her teenage son Max, is autistic. He's a special needs child. And this letter from a concerned neighbor is the most heinous, insensitive missive a mother could receive.

In an interview with Toronto-based station CityNews, Max's mother, Karla Begley, could not keep from crying as she read the section of the letter that suggests she euthanize her son.

But not to appear too insensitive, the neighbor suggests that this not all be done for naught -- the Begley family:

should take whatever non retarded [sic] body parts he possesses and donate it to science. What the hell else good is he to anyone!!!" the letter reads. "Do the right thing and move or euthanize him!! Either way we are ALL better off!!!"

Below is the actual letter the Begley's received:

An anonymous letter signed "One pissed off mother," with five exclamation points. A bit of  overkill there, don't you think? Actually the entire letter makes me cringe, and my eyes tear. Think of the family. Think of the poor child. It's not like he chose to be autistic.

Max Begley

This is insensitivity taken to the "N-th" degree.  How can this author refer to Max as a neighborhood "nuisance," "retarded" and a "dreadful" noise polluter. What glass house does this women live in?

I won't politicize this by pointing out that cutting back on medical care for the handicapped might contribute to this situation. I thought then California Governor Ronald Reagan was the coldest man on the planet when he did away with funds in California to care for the mentally handicapped, preferring to put these unfortunate individuals on the street, denying them care. When they became nuisance enough, he had them tossed into jail, where it cost tax payers more than treating them did. That is if they weren't beaten to death or robbed when they couldn't find any shelters that would take them. Thank you Ronald Reagan. Thank you Republicans.

Some great hope the Gipper was. And now this.

The Republicans are threatening to shut down our government over Obamacare. One of it's tenets is coverage for pre-existing conditions, like Max's. So the GOP stalwarts want to cut care for these needy and obviously ill people. This horrific letter could easily have been penned by Ted Cruz, Steve King, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum or Rand Paul (until yesterday). All want to shut down the government over Obamacare. They think it's better to deny care, rather than provide it.

If you want to see heartbreaking, watch this mother, Karla Begley, discuss receiving this threatening letter suggesting in no uncertain terms that she kill her child. Nothing more needs to be said except let's not let this happen to any parent, anywhere at any time.

Tell the Republicans to stop trying to kill our children by killing Obamacare. If they want to help us, put their efforts into finding us jobs, fixing the banking fiasco, improve our infrastructure before it all crumbles down upon us, pass immigration reform. There's work to be done -- but it's not killing our sick children.

CAUTION: this is a two hanky video.