As 300 Tons of Radioactive Water Leak From Fukushima, Never Believe "The Nuclear Crisis Is Over"


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Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

There is too much money and too many political careers tied up in a radiocative future to believe any statement -- such as the ones about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: "Don't worry, the crisis is over" or "We've got it all under control."

Mainstream media across the world today have blaring headlines, such as the New York Times: "300 Tons of Contaminated Water Leak From Japanese Nuclear Plant:"

Workers raced to place sandbags around the leak at the site to stem the spread of the water, a task made more urgent by a forecast of heavy rain for the Fukushima region later in the day. A spokesman at Tokyo Electric Power, the plant’s operator, acknowledged that much of the contaminated water had seeped into the soil and could eventually reach the ocean, adding to the tons of radioactive fluids that have already leaked into the sea from the troubled plant.

The leaked water contains levels of radioactive cesium and strontium many hundreds of times higher than legal safety limits, Tokyo Electric said. Exposure to either element is known to increase the risk of cancer....

...Workers discovered puddles of radioactive water near the tank on Monday. Further checks revealed that the 1,000-ton capacity vessel, thought to be nearly full, only contained 700 tons, with the remainder having almost certainly leaked out.

As the fossil fuel industry races to destroy the planet in order to swill champagne bottles of profit as the earth's nurturing eco systems erode into toxic destructive forces, the nuclear industry rushes to justify even more nuclear power as the deadly impact of its current plants is still literally leaking into our environment: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat from the oceans. [...]

This is not just a national emergency; this is an international crisis that like Chernobyl is a stop sign for the further development of nuclear power.

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  • Mark

    I agree with strong concerns over Nuclear Power. What is not often discussed is some kind of compromise on the issue. New facilities and technology to make these places more secure than Fort Knox exist...but we have too many power plants that are ancient and at risk for leaks and spills.

    But if not that, then what? Anti-Nuke proponents fail to grasp the alternative. Often the problem with this kind of environmental concern is that to strip away the benefits of Nuclear power leads countries back into fossil fuels. Coal, oil, and tons more pollution. Fossil fuels when weighed against Nuclear energy...are you getting your money's worth?

    I also sincerely hope that the pipe dreams of wind farms, solar panels, and bio mass please go away. While these can work in a small scale manner, the expense and efficiency of these alternatives are not up to snuff.

    Remember this. Poor people don't care about the environment. They don't care about pollution. They care about being cold or warm. They care about not dying. So when the U.S. ships out 3 billion tons of coal every year, we create the hypocrisy of a concern for the environment while fostering pollution everywhere else (esp. India, China, Brazil). When weighed against those factors, it is not so easy to dismiss Nuclear Power IMHO.

  • juicyfruityyy

    I agree, with stopping further development of, nuclear plants.

  • RingoDeathStarr

    I'm expecting Godzilla any day now.